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SF-155C is an optical multiplexer which multiplexes DS-1 (1.544Mbps), DS-1E (2.048Mbps), and/or DS-3 (44.736Mbps) signals into a STM-1(155.52Mbps) signal. SF-155C provides industry leading performance, features, and scalability for next generation networks.

STM-1(155.52Mbps) transmission speed makes ISPs overwhelmed by exceptional fast speed and increased bandwidth.

Guarantee Reliable Service
1+1 optic unit protection scheme, 3:1 protection scheme of DS-3 interface unit(optional), and 3:1 protection scheme of DS-1 interface unit(optional) enables reliability and flexibility of service.

Outstanding Performance and Economical Benefits
Throughput performance and functionality far exceed comparable offerings, making SF-155C an exceptional value in its class.
Easy and low cost expansion of the system combined with excellent performance guarantee customer satisfaction and profit increase.